LHH ATL Kirk Frost's has a secret BABY

Tea Time !!!!!!

Hey guys sip some tea with me. I know nobody is shocked that Kirk Frost cheats on Rasheeda. Well, apparently he has a secret 6 month old baby. The baby mama claims they have been in a year and a half relationship and they have a 6 month old baby boy. She also says she was told not to work and was a kept woman. The tea got spilled when the BM filled court documents for child support and financial support; claiming she has no income and he cut her off cold. The BM says Kirk took back her car and has refused to pay child support. The court order is asking for a DNA test. below is a picture of his mistress:

How much longer is Rasheeda going to sit back and accept this cheating? What do you think? Comments please while you sip this tea...


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