Katt Williams is Richard Pryor and that's not good


 This will be an opinion blog because at least to me this is important. Katt Williams is an unbelievable talent when you consider his range as an actor or his abilities. That's the main reason he still sells out in auditoriums and theaters across the country. People still love him and we still stand in line to see him.    Katt is the closest thing to a "Richard Pryor" level comedian in the business and just like Pryor we forgive Williams for his incredible insane indiscretions in these streets. The danger for Williams is that Pryor was then and Williams is now. There weren't a football field of viable options ( Kevin Hart just to name the biggest player on that football field) to replace Pryor.

  Tragedy and comedians are synonymous. The 2 go hand in hand but Katts tragedy is accompanied by bad blood between him and the industry caused mostly by him, his mouth as well as the 47 arrest to date. Last weekend was number 48 I believe. He was arrested for attacking a limo driver over a dog. A dog?? Richard's was everything to domestic violence to being treated for self inflicted 3rd and 2nd degree burns over 50% of his body in a crack cocaine meltdown. The world loved him and we forgave him. We still made "Richard Pryor on fire jokes" but so did Richard. We forgave him because Richard eventually got it together while making classic jokes about his mistakes. Katt appears to act like they didn't happen for the most part. We can only hope that Katt will get it together as Richard Pryor did because from talent like can and will birth a whole generation of comedians but only if we the people can see it and that will depend on Katt Williams. 

**Uploaded is a scene from "NYPD BLUE" 2002 episode where Katt shows incredible range early in his career.


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