If Smurfs come after Will Smith for "Cultural appropriation" we're fighting


Okay I'm just poking some fun at Will Smith's blue skin in Disney's "Aladdin" and the "Black Face" controversy that seems to be taking the country by storm these days but seriously....Could this be an issue for Will Smith in today's "What about this or that" world we live in? I think for the most part we're safe from any serious outcry stemming from Will Smith's portrayal of the most important character in "Aladdin" the Genie. I personally think this is a huge movie for Will Smith. In my opinion it's low key the most significant role of his career seeing as how it's for the kids and if you're up on the many YouTube "Kid's playing with toy's" videos you know how huge the potential viewership is. I'm wishing Will luck on this one and YES I'm going to see it because I'm interested in how he does in this movie. I'm betting it will be an "inside the park" home run for Will Smith and in baseball that's way more exciting than a regular home run. Trust!


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