Store that refused to sell Nike Apparel behind KAP forced to close. Wow.


Okay so we all remember the backlash that came from Nike using Colin Kaepernick's Image and some of you may remember this guy who so upset over Nike's decision to do so that he pulled all Nike apparel from his shelves while refusing to carry any of the company's product in his store as long as Nike did so. Well....Nike is still using Kap with stocks rising steadily and Prime time owner Steven Martin will be closing his doors because he can't afford his rent. Steven Martin my brother you made your point and stood against NIKE over what you thought was a good cause. It's a shame that everyone who depended on you to make sound financial and business decisions will lose their jobs because you chose to make your decisions with your emotions and now you're losing your store. That makes you STEVE MARTIN "The Jerk". Good luck and hopefully you'll learn from that stupid decision.


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