New "Joker" movie from DC Comics


This is the trailer to the new "Joker" movie and just so you know this could be the movie to change the direction of DC comics the theatrical wretchedness we've been witnessing over the years. I have images of Suicide Squad, Superman v Batman and the poorly written and directed Justice League in my head and have little tolerance for more garbage from DC Comics. From the trailer of the "Joker" movie slated to be released in October this year we can see that finally someone's gonna tell us the story of how he actually became one of the most iconic comic book villains of our time. Please DC and the powers that be GET THIS RIGHT and it could be a turnaround production for the DC Comics franchise and with some quality direction it can be done. Good luck to you sir and if it isn't good I'm punching the popcorn dude in the stomach when I come out of the theater. Know this.


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