Salute to Step fathers!


Okay fellas...I'm not a preacher but let me use this video to stand on a soapbox real quick. Our roles are extremely important as men. In the video posted a "step father" receives love from his 3 step daughters and their Mom. Watch this video then realize what your presence in a household (doing the right things) can and will make a difference. I have a Stepdad and although we had some rough times he has been the one in many instances to show me what the man of a house should do. To see him love my mother. Protect her and her kids. Provide for her and her kids and in the end make a difference in 3 boys that were not his to this day. There is a special place in Heaven for men like my stepdad and the man in this video. I'll close with this...What we do AND DON'T DO in the father figure role counts forever and seeing this brother be acknowledged for his role in those girls lives was nothing short of awesome. Well done to him, my stepdad and all the men who have assumed this role in a household they were not obligated to. Respect.


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