Sex Trafficking Indicators Part 1 Awareness

Sex trafficking is a serious situation 150,000 people are victims of sex trafficking a year in the U.S. Victims average age is 12-14 and only 1-2% are rescued. Sex traffickers use intimidation to keep victims quiet ; so if you see a potential situation the victim may not ask for help. If you see something say something you may save a persons life

Here are some key red flags that could alert you to a potential trafficking situation that should be reported:

*Living with employer

*Poor living conditions

*Multiple people in cramped space

*Inability to speak to individual alone

*Answers appear to be scripted and rehearsed

*Employer is holding identity documents

*Signs of physical abuse

*Submissive or fearful

*Unpaid or paid very little

*Under 18 and in prostitution

If you identify someone as a potential victim here are some questions to ask

*Can you leave your job if you want to?

*Can you come and go as you please?

*Have you been hurt or threatened if you tried to leave?

*Has your family been threatened?

*Do you live with your employer?

*Where do you sleep and eat?

*Are you in debt to your employer?

*Do you have your passport/identification? Who has it?

Remember victims may be afraid to speak up so contact the Human Trafficking hotline and get help.


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