Would you let Your Older Kids Watch You Give birth

MOMMY MOMENT: The rumors are that Beyonce is willing to include Blue Ivy in the labor room as part of her birthing plan; so she feels included every step of the way. I don't know if that is true or just a rumor but it got me thinking...Would I let my older child in the room while giving birth? Personally I would not because both of my kids are plum crazy and i'd fussing at them the whole entire time. But if you have ever considered doing so here are the Pros and Cons.


Pregnancy and birth are natural, every day events in the big picture of things, but they are totally magical at the same time. There is nothing quite as sweet as a little newborn who has just emerged from its mother's belly. The mothers who decide to ask their older children to be present at the birth of a little baby brother or sister do so because they feel that it is, above all, a family event that is relevant to all members of their family. Most hospitals and birth centers are open to the idea of having older children present. Maternity facilities do require that there is a support person present just for the child attending, and some offer classes to prepare both the child and support person for the birth. If you choose to ask your mother, for instance, to accompany your older child, this means that both and come and go as they please, walk around the block or the hospital, go buy sandwiches, or anything else they feel like doing. And remember, having your children present for labor and delivery does not mean that they have to look at your... lower parts! Most visitors don't get any "gynecological shots" at all, preferring instead to stay near the head of the laboring mother.


Some mothers worry that the sounds of labor (vocalizing, sometimes screaming) would scare kids. They don't want to worry their children. Some women get distracted by the presence of children, and prefer to focus on the birth process instead. If a complication arises, and you need additional medical intervention or a cesarean section, you will need to be taken to the OR something that can be a frightening event for kids. Finally, labor can simply take a long time, and be boring


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