Game Might Get A Lien For 2014 Assault Judgement

40 Glocc/The Game

So in 2014 The rapper The Game assaulted another West Coast rapper by the name of 40 Gloc....Well the not so smart move was he taped the assault so 40 Gloc sued him and got a nearly $200,000 judgement. The tea is the Game never paid it so 40 Gloc has filed paper work to get a lien on the Game's pending lawsuit against Viacom where he stands to win a 20 million lawsuit

Rapper 40 Glocc

According to Bossip:Last month, The Game filed a $20 million suit against Viacom, claiming the company was negligent when it didn’t properly screen his reality TV co-star, Priscilla Rainey, who recently won a $7 million judgment after she sued him for sexually abusing her during an after-hours date.

40 Glocc, real name Lawrence White, sued The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, after he alleging that the “This Is How We Do” rapper chased him down with a gun outside a Hollywood Hills mansion in 2012. 40 Glocc said The Game then jumped him, along with more than a dozen members of his entourage, and filmed the entire incident and later posted it to YouTube as “The Game Beats Up 40 Glocc Whilst Recording on iPhone Full Video.”

If The Game wins his suit against the media giant, his debt to 40 Glocc will be paid out first, and he’ll get what is left over.

Late last year, a judge ruled in favor of 40 Glocc, and ordered The Game to pay the artist a total of $196,335.115. But apparently The Game never shelled out the cash, and as a result, 40 Glocc filed the lien May 31 to try to recoup his judgment


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