Guess who still on LHHNY

Love and HipHop NY has done a massive clean out and reboot with some of your favorites returning and some news faces..

The return of Joe Buddens and Cyn Santana but now as a yes Cyn is not gay and yes they have had a baby

Cyn Santana and Joe Buddens

The return of Kimbella ( Julez Sanatana Baby mama)

Being added to the cast Maino  and his GF Maggie Carrie

Rapper Maino

 According to sources only nine members from season 8 are returning! Yandy Smith, Jonathon Fernandez, Kiyanne, Jacquae, Anais, Ruben (Anais Husband), Rich Dollaz and Safaree are all back while Remy Ma will reportedly be scaling back her appearances some (similar to K. Michelle in Season 4) and y’all know Papoose will be involved as well

Who is getting cut from #LHHNY

So who gets the ax:

1. Snoop

2. Dreamdoll

3. Mariahlynn

4. Brittaney Taylor

5. Bianca Bonnie

6. Lil Mo

7. Karl Dargan

8. Navarro Gray

9. DJ Self

10. James R

11. Ashley Diaz

12. Sophia Body

13. Grafh

14. Ayisha Diaz

15. JuJu (Although we hear JuJu will be making cameo appearances.)

Well Damn ...will you be watching


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