Wait!! The group 112 is Beefing

Despite the fact they all performed together at the 2018 Essence Music Festival ( Slim, Q, Darren and Mike) the division is clear ..Check out this interview with only Mike and Slim.


So Slim has recently took it a step further by posting receipts that Slim and Mike will perform together and Q and Darren will perform together and they all can use the name "112"  Slim also hinted to a lawsuit by who he deems a "snake" in the group.

Slim’s shared texts showing the discourse in the group and threats of a lawsuit. His texts also showed that members walked away “due to the condition of not being able to reconcile differences regarding personnel.”

“People these texts were on March 27th-28th. Look at our shows with the timeline it makes sense. For a person to wanna sue the same person who helped you when you were at your worst… no we aren’t bros… be who you are and proud! Don’t hide your fangs and rattle.  Easy to lie to others, I will expose your ACTIONS. How are you entitled to a brand you’re not loyal to??Hard to excuse when it happens over and OVER AGAIN. Your management/lawyer knows you a few years.. I’VE KNOWN YOU MOST OF YOUR LIFE! Will answer questions at the appropriate time…stay tuned.”

Here is actual screenshots of a text message saying to split apart

Screen shots

There most be some truth because here is just Slim and Mike w/backup dancers performing on a celebrity cruise



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