Hack Job or Cover up

A Missouri woman took to social media to express how hurt, shocked and disappointed she was when she received this letter after applying for a job.

She posted the letter with this caption:

“I have a public service announcement,” Robinson said. “I am very upset because today I received an email about this job that I applied for as a customer service representative at Mentality Health…I know I’m well qualified for the position as they seen on my resume.”⠀

Well the company is claiming their system was hacked.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the company’s CEO, Kevin Meuret, set the record straight on Tuesday, revealing that someone hacked the email system – probably a former employee.

He said almost two dozen candidates received emails from the hacker, as he expressed his deepest sympathy for Robinson in the wake of the incident. He then promised to pursue the issue to its fullest extent.

⠀⠀”We are currently working with law enforcement to identify the perpetrator and consider appropriate legal action,” Meuret said. “We share the anger and frustration of those who received these bogus emails.”

What do you think cover up or were they really hacked? Comment below

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