Jill Scott Divorce is Settled Open for Details

If you haven't heard Jill Scott's Divorce was about to get ugly. Her Ex was challenging the Pre Nup that the 2 of them signed whelp here are the details of the divorce settlement 

According to Bossp.com they got a hold of the actually divorce papers:

The terms of the singer and songwriter divorce from her now ex-husband Mike Dobson was revealed in new court documents obtained by BOSSIP. Under the settlement, Scott agreed to pay the $47,815 lien on Dobson’s Mercedes by Aug. 24, leaving her ex-husband free and clear of the car note debt, according to the settlement.

She also agreed to let Dobson come to her house and collect the personal property that he says is still at her house – including a massage table, hotel robes, a bathroom mirror and Prince’s “Purple Rain” album – as well as let her know who the new owners of the dog that Dobson said Scott gave away are.

But the good news for Scott is that their divorce judge agreed to uphold the terms of their prenup, and neither she nor Dobson will have to pay the other alimony

The marriage is a wrap and thanks to a Pre Nup Jill gets to walk away without paying spousal support

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