Bobby Brown The Movie Part One - Spoilers

Bobby Brown and Actor Woody McCain

Bobby Brown and Actor Woody McCain

The Bobby Brown story was as good as I expected it to be. We got an indepth look into Bobby growing up, how he met Whitney and even how he struggled after being booted from NE.

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His ex-wife Whitney Houston wasn’t the first R&B princess that Brown gave his heart to. While the love may not have been mutual, we learned that Janet Jackson first captured his attention. Brown showered her with love and gifts, but the fling turned sour quickly, because she just wasn’t that into him. In The Bobby Brown Story, we learned that Brown believed his darker skin complexion was the reason why the Jackson family would not allow Jackson to be with him. In a rage one night after sex, Brown exploded. In the film, he kicked her out of the hotel room that they shared — naked and all — and slammed the door in her face. That was the end of Brown and Jackson as we know it.

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 Growing up in the housing projects of Boston, Brown had to fight for his life literally. On the same day of his Grandmother's funeral  a fist-fight escalated to the fatal stabbing of his best friend.

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We all knew Houston’s best friend Robin Crawford lingered in the background as she was the singer’s assistant. And while the former friend, confidant and rumored lover was always in the picture — even after Houston and Brown’s relationship blossomed — we never quite knew the extent. The film depicts Crawford as the cling-on friend, who just didn’t know when to leave even though she was empowered by Houston to stay. It’s no surprise that in his biopic, we see Brown reach his boiling point, engaging in a fall out with his then-wife.

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From the looks of things, Brown’s relationship with drugs started way before he met Houston — but not in the way that you may think. Surprising to some, Brown learned the ins and outs of the street life from the matriarch of his home, his own mother. Carole Brown  sold drugs to support and take care of her family when they fell on hard times.

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While he and his future brother-in-law were leaving a bar late one night, the biopic showed that the two later became victims of a drive-by shooting. While Brown left the scene O.K, his sister’s fiancé — who had just proposedwas not so lucky. Seemingly once again, trouble seemed to follow Brown.

I can't wait for Part 2 tonight

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