Man Getting Jail Time For Bootlegging A Movie

So we all know someone who sells boot legged movies. We normally see them lurking around the barber shop or Beauty Salon; that is taking a risk. But what you won't do is boot leg a movie on Facebook, Dummy.

A California court will soon decide sentencing for a man who posted the full movie of “Deadpool” on his Facebook page. The U.S. government is asking for the man to serve half a year in prison for it.

A week after Deadpool was released in theaters, millions of people watched the movie on a viral Facebook post by the account Tre-Von M. King, according to @Gizmodo. The feds found that the account belonged to 22-year-old #TrevonFranklin of #Fresno, California.

Authorities say Franklin had downloaded the movie from the file-sharing platform, then uploaded the movie to his Facebook page. The post got more than 6.3 million views, according to court documents. He was indicted and arrested in June 2017.

In May, Franklin made a plea agreement with the government in which he pled guilty in exchange for authorities agreeing to recommend a reduced sentence. Authorities recommended Franklin be sentenced to six months in prison, followed by a one-year term of supervised release.

Authorities say Franklin insisted he would not be punished despite many Facebook users telling him that what he was posting was illegal. Franklin allegedly made things worse when he created a Facebook group called “Bootleg Movies,” and told people he’d be posting more movies on the page.

The government argues that the sentencing “is both necessary and sufficient to address the nature of circumstances of the offense and to reflect the seriousness of the offense, to promote respect for the law, and to provide just punishment for the offense.”


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