Is Bow Wow and J.D. beefing?

So, J.D. did a radio interview and was asked about Bow’s claims of being slightly addicted to lean. Bow previously tweeted that he too could have shared the same fate as late rapper Mac Miller, who died of a drug overdose. J.D. stated that the drug addiction story was merely something he wanted to say on social media. But this didn’t sit too well with Bow Wow, who lashed out after hearing Dupri’s words. “I dont know why niggas start with me,” he wrote, “like i dont have the drop on these niggas lives… bro u better calm down before i tell the world about your wife.”

“Why can’t n**gas just keep my name out they mouth,” Bow said along with a tweeted clip of JD’s explanation.  Dupri also mentioned that he no longer followed the 31-year-old on social media but has yet to block him.

This set Bow off into a social media rampage where he tweeted, “2 types of people I never met in my life a motherf**ker like me or a motherf**ker I need.”  Bow also revealed that he won’t be joining his old crew or the So So Def 25th anniversary Tour.

These two go way back so I hope they can communicate and squash this.


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