Trey Songz Says He Could Have Signed What Rapper??

It was no other than DRAKE: Peep the story below

“This was likely back in 2007, Drake was not primarily focused on his songwriting process. Trey Songz, as I said before, was living in an unfinished basement – his studio setup was pretty minimal. We’re talking two mic outputs and a 14-inch laptop, and the natural acoustic of the housing unit.”

“As the story goes, Drake comes in sporting Moncler jacket, with his “Replacement Girl” demo reel in hand. Trey muttered to himself upon shaking Drake’s hand, “Who’s this light-skinned guy?” he thought. In reality, it didn’t take long for Drake to win him over.”

Trey ended up hopping on Drake’s “Replacement Girl” a few months later in 2007, and have many fans wondering when the two will collab again.

How different do you think Drake's career would have been if he signed with Trigger instead of Young Money?????


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