What Really happened? He says She says Bow Wow DV situation

By Now we have all heard the #BowWow ( Shad Moss) and on again off again GF #Kiyomi were both arrested in Atlanta during #superbowl weekend for domestic violence ..mugshots above. Let me start out with Domestic Violence is serious and no one has the right to assault anyone male or female period........ They have 2 different stories about what happened but the one thing they agree on is it started at the party and it involved another man.

According to Bossip.com fught. Details from the police report say thebecause Bow Wow thought, in his own words, Kiyomi “disrespected” him by talking to another guy. Welp, according to a WSBTV reporter, the other guy’s name is Shaquille.

Bow Wow and Kiyomi were both arriving home from Shaquille O’Neal’s Super Bowl event when their bloody domestic dispute occurred. The event, Shaq’s Fun House, featured a performance by the Migos and a number of celebrities were in attendance. It was there were Bow Wow claims his on and off again girlfriend spoke inappropriately with “Shaquille.” So far Shaq has not commented on his name seemingly appearing in the police report.

According to Kiyomi’s report to police, Bow Wow hit her in the head, pulled her by the hair, dragged her from her bedroom and told her to get out of the house. Bow Wow denies claims, adding that Kiyomi was the obvious aggressor, with wounds on his face to prove it.

Could Shaq be the man Kiyomi was flirting with?


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