Wendy Williams New Boo is 27 Years Old

Wendy has been seen all around with this much younger mystery man..But info on him has begun to come out including that he is a convicted felon and blogger. According to Bossip.com: His name is Marc Tomblin, a 27-year-old, who according to his LinkedIn page is a financial investor and blogger.

However, Tomblin got out of prison in 2014 after being convicted of robbery with a dangerous weapon (conspiracy) and breaking and entering, according to state records obtained by BOSSIP.

The North Carolina native was convicted the year before for the crimes, which he allegedly committed within days of each other, public records show. He later served fifteen months – the minimum – for the two convictions, which ran concurrently, as well as probation.

It’s unclear how Tomblin got onWilliams’ radar, or if the talk show host is aware of her new beau’s criminal past. But we’re told that even though it’s still early days, there are concerns about Tomblin’s motives for being with Williams – and whether her estimated $60 million fortune may be the reason.

Check out whole video of Wendy breaking down about her family situation:



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