Venom's Crazy "Tings": Suspicious Letter In The Mail Turnouts to be This

Today's Crazy "Ting" is how Organizers of a group that advocates heterosexual lifestyle thought they were targeted by a Gay terrorist but inside the letters were........ GLITTER

According to CNN......The #FBI and Massachusetts state police are investigating after three members of a group who plan to hold a “Straight Pride Parade” in #Boston next month reported receiving suspicious envelopes in the mail,@cnnreports. At least three parade organizers of the group ‘Super Happy Fun America’ reported receiving envelopes in the mail with no return address. 

One of the organizers, Samson Racioppi, said he discovered the envelope in his mailbox around 1:30 p.m. Monday and called the police because of its strange appearance. “I went out to my mailbox and there was an envelope in there with my name and address, no return address, the back was very heavily taped up and when I shook it I heard stuff shaking around inside,” Racioppi said.

A hazmat team shut down his street to traffic and told neighbors to leave their homes while the mail was investigated, he said. Officers later told the organizers that the envelopes were filled with glitter. The FBI does not believe the packages pose a threat to public safety but the investigation is ongoing, said Kristen Setera, a spokesperson for the bureau.


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