Today's Mommy Moment: The Summer Slide

What is the Summer Slide?

ummer slide is the phrase used to describe the slide backwards that many children make in reading and math skills over the summer. It’s possible for a child to regress 2-3 months back in terms of reading level, meaning they could start school in September at the same reading level they were at in April of the previous year.

Summer slide can happen to even the brightest kids, and it doesn’t need to be over a long period of time – even a couple of weeks away from school can soften skills.

You can combat summer slide by encouraging your child to devote a small bit of time each day to keeping up skills. Reading for as little as 20 minutes a day can keep the dreaded slide at bay and may very well increase reading skills over the summe

Other suggestions:

  1. Music Involvement
  2. Participation in Sports
  3. Drama and Theater activities
  4. Of Course Summer reading


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