JD Says Females Should Call Their Music " Strap"

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In an interview with Atlanta Black Star, JD gives a recap on his previous comments, and even gives an explanation about why he said what said. When asked about his favorite female emcee, JD says he doesn’t have one and insists they all make stripper music.Now, JD says female rappers should use this moment to create a new music movement called “strap”.

“What people don’t understand is that I actually believe that women that do this type of music should start calling it ‘strap’,” he says. “I think just like we have trap, they should call it strap.”

JD clarifies, saying he doesn’t mean any harm by the name, but wants female rappers to embrace the concept and empower the type of music they like to create. He even cites an episode of Love & Hip Hop where he encourages an artist to coin the genre ‘stripper fight music’.

“I was on an episode of Love & Hip Hop and Mimi brought her artists to see me and she was a stripper,” he says. “And in that episode I was thinking concept. I told her her music sounds like stripper fight music and she should create that genre.”

JD continues saying the genre would be just like any other type of music that has developed over the years including Lil Jon’s crunk music, and Dem Franchise Boys’ snap music.

“I’m just saying, ‘strap’,” she says. “These are the stories of their lives so I believe that’s what they should call it.”

What do you think about "Strap" music?


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