Mommy Moment: School is back How Do You Get Your Kids Back Into Routine?

I love my kids to death but they think I'am a punk. I have one in their 1st year of Middle School and one who just started Kindergarten and they are going to respect my school time routine...but I need help so I'm passing on to you what info I found.

5 Tricks to get your kids back on Routine

1.Gradually reel in bedtime.

So you can inch back bedtime by 10 minutes each or couple days. So an example start the 1st few days at 9 pm then gradually go 8:50 pm, 8:40 pm etc.

2.Put an end to grazing.

This is my daughter. She would rather eat constantly instead of sitting down and eating a dinner. You have to put a stop to these activities and make them get used to sitting down eating dinner as a routine and that's it.

No more grazing and all evening.

3.Go back-to-school clothes shopping together.

So they are with all of their clothing options and even have them pick out their 1 st 5 outfits for school. Now me personally I make them pick out everything including socks and shoes the night before to make my

mornings smooth.

4.Get Back to a regular bath Schedule.

We all know kids should bath everyday but let's be honest the do miss a day here and there and maybe bath in the morning , or night. Getting them on a night time bathing routine will help the speed in which they get

ready in to A.M.

5.Organize School essentials the Night Before.

Get everything together and I mean everything. Pencils, rulers , homework, permission slips and thing that they need to walk out the door so they are not fumbling in the morning.


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