Trina Explains Walmart Confortation

WE tv Celebrates The Premiere Of "Kendra On Top" And "Driven To Love"

WE tv Celebrates The Premiere Of "Kendra On Top" And "Driven To Love"

Trina was in a Florida Walmart when a customer captured her screaming at a woman saying, “say it again you dirty b**ch, say it again!” Apparently, the woman had gotten snippy with Trina, and called her a n***er b**ch, words Trina clearly did not take kindly to.

Well, she says she was consoling the woman who seemed like she was crying while shopping in the store. Trina explains that when she asked the woman if she was alright, the woman looked up at her like a “evil satanic witch”, and said, “Get away from me you n***er b**ch”.

Trina says the woman’s response caught her completely off guard, and she was left confused and upset. She explains that as she walked away, some of the employees in the store validated that they had heard what the woman said.

Trina says she walked to the register and saw the woman for a second time, and her friend requested Trina get an apology. Thats when everything went down.

Despite what happened, Trina stands by her decision to stand up for herself, and she says she’d do it all over again.

“All I know is this ain’t the slavery days, there ain’t no slaves here,” she said. “It’s about to be 2020, you will get your a** whooped so stop trying it. I don’t care about no political anything, I live in this area it’s a very nice area. We are not slaves, This is not gonna happen and you’re gonna a get your a** whooped. Anybody that calls me anything outside of my name.”